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Tennis Tournament

Tennis as sports has roots stretching back into the 19th century – first it originated in Birmingham, England, and since then the rules haven’t changed much – it’s still a racket sport played on a court either in a 1v1 (singles) or 2v2 (doubles) scenario. Although it depends on the ruleset of a particular tournament, usually games are organized by gender – women and men play separately.

Popularity of Tennis

Tennis is played in various countries across the globe, but it is especially popular in Australia, France, United Kingdom and the United Stated. The biggest tournaments are called Grand Slam – these are four major annual tournaments with the highest prize pools and TV ratings. The Grand Slam series include the following events:

  • Australian Open (January)
  • French Open (May, June)
  • Wimbledon (July)
  • US Open (August, September)

There are also various local leagues, and of course tennis is played at the Summer Olympics. Such a big popularity and great variety of tournaments make tennis an interesting sport to make bets on, especially because it’s much easier to find a match with tempting odds.

Specifics of Betting on Tennis

Before making a bet on a tennis game, you want to make sure that the proposed odds are fair and suit you – how do you do it? It’s not a secret that you won’t be able to predict the outcome with a full confidence, but you can significantly increase the chance of success. It stands to mention that it’s easier to predict the outcome of a 1v1 game, because doubles transform the game into a team sport, and as result the number of things that can change the outcome of a game multiplies. In general, you want to get all the information you can – form of the athlete, his or her recent performances, the history of head-to-head series. Well, even weather and court type can make a huge difference! So, the general advise would be to make bets based on information you have rather than be guided by sentiments and betting on your favorite athlete.

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Complete Tennis Betting on Grand Slam Tournaments

For tennis bettors, the period from January to September is the time of the Grand Slam. Grand Slam tournaments are held every year and include four majors: the US Open, Australian Open, French Open, and Wimbledon.

Each of these tennis games may bring solid wins for bettors. Yet, the tourneys have certain specifics that may be decisive for the outcomes. Successful tennis betting on the Grand Slam requires certain analytical skills and a proper understanding of these specifics.

First, you should consider the field type in your chosen tournament. Thus, matches unfold on hard courts in the Australian Open and US Open, while the French Open and Wimbledon take place on clay and grass courts, respectively.

Plan to bet on tennis matches on hard courts? Then, remember that players need more concentration and extra strength to avoid errors. Side factors, like weather or the type of ball, are more likely to influence the results of hardcourt games. However, adequate analysis is also needed for sure-win bets on French Open and Wimbledon matches.

Reliable and the highest odds possible are the key to every winning strategy. In this respect, GG.Bet is your trusted assistant in tennis betting on Grand Slam tournaments and other events. Expect full coverage of tennis competitions on our betting site all year round. We are ready to provide the widest choice of markets and the most beneficial odds.

Australian Open

Started in 1905, Australian Open matches take place every January in Melbourne, Australia. Games can run outdoors and indoors on hardcourt surfaces. The competition program includes men’s/women’s singles and doubles, mixed doubles, and wheelchair games. In 2024, the total prize in the Australian Open will be AU$ 86,500,000, so the competition promises to be tough. A good solution here is to place bets with profitable and correct tennis betting odds on our platform.

French Open

Le Roland Garros, also known as the French Open, follows the Australian Open in May. Its matches are played on red clay courts at the Roland-Garros stadium in Puteaux, France. Singles, doubles, and wheelchair competitions for both sexes, together with mixed doubles, make up the tournament’s agenda. The yearly prize pool tends to exceed €45 million.


From June to July, it’s time for tennis betting on Wimbledon, the third big-shot tournament in the Grand Slam series. Besides being a top-level tennis event, Wimbledon remains a spectacular show with elegant traditions. Its yearly prizes do not yield to those paid in the other Grand Slam tourneys. Wimbledon matches still run on grass. So outright bets on 2024 sessions are already accepted on our site.

US Open

You still have time to tune up your tennis betting strategy for the US Open, the tournament that finalizes the Grand Slam in August and September. Since the 1980s, its matches have been played on a hardcourt surface. The tournament’s program is pretty broad. Together with traditional singles, doubles, and wheelchairs for men and women, junior matches are also held within the US Open.

Best Odds for WTA and ATP Tours

We offer the most beneficial odds for online tennis betting on WTA and ATP. These are great multistage events in tennis life happening every year. WTA and ATP tournaments can be seen as parallel competitions for men and women. The most interesting events within these tourneys might be the Finals. Yet, you can extend your betting options by wagering on the entire series fully covered at GG.Bet:

  • ATP Finals
  • ATP Masters 1000
  • ATP 500
  • ATP 250
  • ATP Challenger
  • WTA Finals
  • WTA 1000
  • WTA 500
  • WTA 250

However, that’s not all. The tennis betting section at GG.Bet includes ITF tournaments, Davis Cup, Elite Jean King Cup, and other specialties in this discipline. You can place wagers on tennis the whole year round with us!

How to Bet on Tennis on Easy

GG.Bet is a universally accessible sportsbook that will let you bet on tennis online on any device. You can start winning on our site’s web version or dedicated app for Android and iOS. The entry process is effortless:

  • Sign up on a convenient gadget for you;
  • Place a deposit;
  • Consider requesting our bonus for newcomers;
  • Choose the tennis section to access all the available events for pre-match or live betting;
  • Pick an event and study the markets with the odds supported for them;
  • Tap the chosen odds to add the event to your virtual betslip (placed on the right);
  • Add more matches in the same way if necessary;
  • Type in the sum you wish to wager;
  • Select a suitable banking method and fill out the payment form;
  • Press ‘Bet’ to complete the operation.

You should pay thorough attention to markets and tennis odds. Understanding them is crucial for your wins. We recommend starting with simpler markers (Match Winner or Total Over/Under.)

Explanation of Tennis Odds

Our tennis betting odds are not only profitable but also informative. The default odds system is decimal, but you can switch to the US, Hong Kong, Malay, and Indo formats. Let’s take a match between Novak Djokovic and Jannik Sinner in the Australian Open Men’s Singles. Our bookmaker’s odds for Mr Sinner’s victory is 1.37, while his adversary receives 3.32. These odds show that Jannik Sinner has more chances to win this party.

Another popular market for tennis games is Over/Under (Totals.) For the same game, you’ll see the following options:

Totals Odds
Over 38.5 1.89
Under 38.5 1.99

You see, the odds do not differ much. A score higher than 38 points is a bit more likely to happen than a lower score in this game. So, this bet is riskier for a beginner. Here, good knowledge of the players, their current form, and other aspects is necessary.

Markets for Online Tennis Betting

Tennis betting is highly captivating thanks to the abundant markets available for the discipline. Let’s explore the most interesting of them.

Match Winner

In tennis, the simplest way to win cash is to try to guess which party will win the match. There’s no draw option here. Sometimes, it’s enough to check the odds to make the correct predictions.

Totals (Over/Under)

Totals represent the sum of points scored by both players in a tennis match. You can predict if the final score is higher or lower than the given total.


Handicap odds may look like +4.5/-4.5. Positive odds are given to the match’s favorite, while its underdog gets the negative ones. In our example, you can bet on the favorite, and your bet will only lose if the underdog beats their rival with a difference of five points.

Set Betting

You can place various bets on separate sets, too. If you prefer in-play tennis betting, you can expect the best choice of per-set markets. Yet, pre-match options include at least a Set Winner and Set Over/Under.

Outright Bets

Outright betting gives you the opportunity to bet on the winner of the competition. For example, who will win Wimbledon this year. This type of bet is the most difficult to predict, but is compensated by high odds. The process is the same as in regular match outcomes. Here, “Winner” are the only options in most cases.

Bet on Live Lines and Win Today

The GG.Bet live line is a great way to add more excitement to your betting sessions. As soon as a tennis match starts, you can stay in touch with the situation on the court and pick the right moment to place your winning bet. Keep in mind that live tennis betting offers more markets. Be also ready for dynamic odds that may multiply your win manyfold.

In addition, almost every tennis match is accompanied by a real-time broadcast, which GGBet provides free of charge and without registration. Our analysts also collect and update match statistics during the game. Therefore, to make your prediction more accurate we advise you to use it.

Be Confident that You Make Correct Predictions with Tennis Betting Tips

The most effective tennis betting advice is to study your targeted event in every detail. You’ll raise your win potential if you examine the involved players’ portfolios. Before you place any bets, make sure to do the following:

  • Explore the history of both players’ wins and losses;
  • Analyze their recent head-to-head stacks;
  • Use the statistics to study each player’s current form;
  • Track recent injuries;
  • Study the players’ personal styles and approaches to equipment;
  • Check if there have been coach changes recently;
  • Stay tuned with the news that may affect each player's physical form or morale.

Another workable tip is to rely on our odds since we analyze massive amounts of data, including tournament statistics, injury records, the latest news about coaching and equipment changes, etc. Experts’ scrupulous work allows us to supply you with the best tennis odds in the bookmaker industry.