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Boxing as a sport has a very rich history, with its first ruleset being created in Ancient Greece, in which boxing was part of Olympic Games. The modern version of rules was created in the 19th century in Great Britain, and nowadays boxing is the most popular combat sport in the world and of course, GG.Bet offers many markets with competitive boxing odds.

Amateur and Professional Boxing

Amateur boxing emerged in the 19th century as a safer alternative to its professional counterpart: it has shorter bouts and the scoring is focused more on clean hits rather than damage done. Earlier all athletes used to wear protective helmets, but since 2016 head protection isn’t used in men’s competitions. As for duration, men usually compete in three rounds of three minutes, while women’s competition feature four rounds that last for two minutes. Amateur boxing is widely practiced at collegiate level and is part of Olympic Games, it also has its own official world federation called AIBA.

In professional boxing the athletes fight for a purse, which is divided between two competitors. The athletes don’t wear any head protection, only the gloves. The duration of bouts is limited to twelve rounds, which is significantly more than in its amateur version. The result of a bout is determined either by knockout, disqualification or by decision of referee. The bouts are usually organized by major sanctioning bodies, such as IBF, WBA, WBC or WBO. Each of these organizations held world championships in seventeen weight divisions.

Types of Outcomes for Boxing Betting

Our bookmaker offers boxing betting enthusiasts a chance to choose between two main approaches: pre-match and live wagering. While the first option may be an option for newcomers, live betting is a riskier method where you can test your skills, understanding of game rules, and more. Along with higher boxing odds, live wagering offers specific betting markets where you can predict, for example, a specific event within a fight.

Let’s suppose you are interested in a fight for the WBC junior welterweight title. After a deep analysis of both fighters, you decide that Devin Haney will win Ryan Garcia only via knockdown. Or, vice versa, you are 100% sure about Ryan Garcia's dominance over Devin Haney and wager on the early end of the battle. Check the most popular boxing betting markets below to get a big picture.

Boxing Moneyline

This is a simple boxing betting type where you guess who will win the fight without considering the way they will do it. For example, you bet on Shawn McCalman in his fight against Diego Pacheco. And it does not matter whether he will win via KO, DQ, or TKO.

Round Betting

A more specific wager type where you predict in which round fighter A will win fighter B. For example, you analyze the performance of both fighters and predict that Zelfa Barret will beat Jordan Jill in the fifth round.

Winning by Points or Knockout

As the name suggests, you predict the one winner will win his opponents by the number of points by the end of the bout or a KO (regardless of what round it will be). For example, you may bet that Fablo Wardley will beat Clarke Frazer via a knockout or by getting a bigger number of points (for instance, 10-9).

Boxing Prop Bets

On our bookmaker, you can benefit from multiple prop boxing bets and predict specific outcomes within the bout course. Here are several examples you can explore:

  • Knockdowns. You predict that one fighter will win his or her opponent via a KO.
  • Individual Round Wagers. Here, you bet on boxing fights and may guess how one fighter will win against the opponent. There may be a Knockout, Technical Knockout, by Points, by Decision, or by Disqualification.
  • Fight to Go the Distance. Decide whether the fight will last for the scheduled duration or not.
  • Point Deduction. Predict whether (or not) the referee will deduct points during the particular bout.

Finally, you may bet on the way to victory. Predict whether one fighter will dominate the opponent by Knock Points, or maybe he will win via a Technical Knockout.

Boxing Odds Explanation

As in any other sport, boxing odds represent the probability of a specific outcome and the sum you can potentially win. Let’s take a look at an example.

Richardson Hitchins (-526) vs. Gustavo Daniel Lemos (+450). If you wager $526 on Richardson Hitchins to win, you would get $100 ($526 + $100 = $626). If you wager $100 on Gustavo Daniel Lemos to win, you receive $450 ($100 + $450 = $550).

How to Bet on Boxing Online with GG.Bet Sportsbook

Boxing betting is available after registration. With GG.Bet you can predict the outcome of fights in dozens of tournament leagues. Benefit from the world-known competitions, including the following:

  • World Boxing Super Series;
  • World Championship;
  • WBC, WBA, WBO, and IBF World Boxing Championships;
  • USA Boxing National Championships.

Our bettors are guaranteed with the highest boxing odds on all events and quick updating of coefficients. Enjoy pinnacle boxing events and win solid cash prizes by taking the following simple steps:

  • Choose whether you want to enjoy betting on boxing using a live or a pre-match approach.
  • Select a particular fight and explore the boxing odds.
  • Pick a favourite and create a bet slip. You may add several fights to the bet slip in case you want to use a System or Combined bet.
  • Specify the stake’s sum and click on the “Place Bet” button.

Remember that you can always head to the section with statistics and learn details about the particular match. Before wagering, you should consider several key boxing betting tips. For example, you need to explore the fighter’s recent form and avoid mismatches in undercard fights. Do not forget to develop your betting strategy depending on the fighter’s skills, recent performance, and boxing style. Do not neglect to consider such factors as fighter attributes, event location and promotion since they all impact the bout outcome.

Live Boxing Betting

Our platform offers top boxing events for live wagering. What’s more, you can predict the outcome and watch the fight on the site thanks to a free live broadcast option. Boxing betting in real time may bring you solid cash prizes, thanks to higher boxing odds. At the same time, it requires a deep understanding of the fighter’s performance and boxing rules. Also, you need to react quickly to the slightest in-bout changes.

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