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GGBET – Bet Online with the Best Odds

Looking for an online bookmaker? You’ll struggle to find a site better than GGBET. It has plenty of sports, including football, tennis, basketball, volleyball, boxing, Dota 2, Valorant, etc. Each of those brims with betting markets. They differ by difficulty and profit, offering match winner, outright, handicap, and other bets.

So, ready to find out how to log in to GGBET and place your first bet?

Unique Online Betting Opportunities with GGBET

GGBET Sportsbook suits all the bettors regarding its sports and eSports choices. They include:

  • Football – bet on FIFA, Premier League, and UEFA EURO, and smaller tournaments like Super League in Greece and II Liga in Poland;
  • Basketball – predict the matches of your favorite NBA ballers and bet on their performances. We also feature much smaller events and women's leagues;
  • MMA – wager on all the upcoming and live UFC matches for men and women;
  • Dota 2 – raise cash betting on huge events like The International and Major and go with smaller European Pro League and similar competitions in between;
  • CS 2 – get some of the best betting odds on PGL, European Pro League, and Dreamhack. There’s always a CS match to bet on. Even when pro events are upcoming, we bring in high-ELO Faceit matches, often with pros.

You can bet on all our events live. Ongoing matches are tagged “Live” and have unique markets. But be careful with them. Their odds are constantly changing according to in-game situations.

Dozens of Betting Markets for Every Match

Betting at GG BET always feels fresh, thanks to our wide variety of betting markets. The most popular of them are:

  • Match Winner – the simplest line that allows you to predict a match winner;
  • Outright – a tricky market that lets you bet on the tournament winner. Outright is available during the entire competition; however, its odds are changing as it goes;
  • Handicap – a market that equates the odds between unequal competitors. It does it by reducing an odd win condition. For example, your line wins if the team scores 1 goal less than the opponent (instead of a full-fledged win);
  • Totals – a popular advanced line that presents you with a number and offers you to bet if the score goes over or under it. It applies to goals, match times, kills in eSports, etc.;

These are the basic lines for all the events. You’ll find more betting markets among eSports matches. For example, one of the most popular outcomes for CS 2 events is a “Correct Map Score.” It allows you to bet on 2:0, 0:2, 1:2, or 2:1 outcomes.

We also must mention prop bets. These lines allow you to bet on outcomes that don’t depend on players’ skills. Props are mostly presented among eSports bets. One of them is odd/even, which punters use to bet on whether a match/player score will end odd or even.

How to Register and Bet at GGBET?

To enjoy all the sports and markets mentioned, you must create a GGBET account. Here’s how:

  1. Click the “Sign Up” button in the upper right;
  2. Register via Google, Steam, Twitter, or other social networks, or indicate your phone and password. Then select the currency in which your account will be held;
  3. Confirm that you’re above 21 years old and you’re acquainted with terms and conditions (read them);
  4. Click “Sign Up” once again and open your email to confirm registration (check the spam box if you can’t find a letter).

That’s it! Now, you’re a full-fledged GGBET member! But don’t bet yet. First, claim our welcome bonus to boost your deposit by up to 200%.


What bonuses does GGBET offer for bets?

They start with a 200% Welcome Bonus activated with a €20 deposit minimum. Next, you can get up to 20% cashback for losing bets, free bets on specific events (like Dream League), up to 450% deposit bonuses for competitions, etc.

How to calculate winnings by GGBET odds?

First, click a gearwheel to choose Decimal odds (they’re the easiest). To calculate your profit with them, just multiply your wager by the odd number. Conventionally, betting €100 with odds of 1.2 you will get €120, where €20 is your profit.

Are match broadcasts available for live betting?

We provide broadcasts for all live matches. You don't even need to create an account – streams and stats are available for free.